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How to use networking games at events

It’s time to change the game!

Scan a QR code from the screen and start playing games.

No need to install any application on a mobile phone.

Event gaming has to be strategic. Based on the goals of networking, the format of an event, or the general atmosphere, you can build custom gaming experiences to help your audience network effectively
The GamePane offers The Best Event Games for 21 Century.

We try to show that gamification helps to develop new skills, forms independence, and motivates event attendees. With the help of game mechanics, you can affect the communication within the event, the culture of the organisation, work efficiency, etc.

What is gamification for events?

Gamification in the event industry, or event gamification, is the use of game mechanics to engage attendees, modify participant behavior, and accomplish event goals.

How does it work?

Attendee gamification is the process of using various game-like elements during the event within event marketing strategies. One of the simplest forms of gamification is getting a game's score points every time play at the GamePane. Collect 150 points and you get a free drink. It’s like completing a level and getting a reward.

Gamification efficiency

Gamification is the concept of using game design elements in non-game activities for a variety of beneficial reasons: to increase attendee engagement and sales, create a more relaxed atmosphere, boost the self-confidence of attendees, generate more revenue, improve event management, etc. Gamification design increases cashier efficiency and lowers checkout times, among other benefits. Thus, the efficiency of gamification cannot be underestimated by event planners in the modern events industry.