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Gamification is the future of digital marketing

It’s time to change the game!

Scan a QR code from the screen and start playing games.

No need to install any application on a mobile phone.

Gamification of marketing doesn’t need to be complex – sometimes it’s as simple as adding a great game to one of your channels, with no direct route to conversions. Mini Cooper did exactly that back in 2002, when they added a Mini air hockey Flash game to their site. The game succeeded in acquiring visitors and reinforcing the company’s quirky, fun-loving brand. Simpler still is the far more recent Dino Chrome game from Google Chrome, which starts up if you hit the spacebar while you’re on a ‘Network Error’ page. By setting you off hopping over cacti as a pixelated T-Rex, rather than wallowing over your dodgy connection, Google makes your overall experience more enjoyable. That reflects well on brand and product alike.

The GamePane offers The Best Gamification games for 21 Century.

Relay your message and increase awareness.

One of the advantages of using gamification is that it will not only boost your sales but also raise brand awareness that helps convey the message of your brand to your audience. The best kind of marketing is marketing that is meaningful and resonates with the audience’s emotions. Gamification can help relay the message much better using inventive and interesting types of games that the audience would find meaningful and fun to play again and again.