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How GamePane Can Benefit Your Pub

It’s time to change the game!

Scan a QR code from the screen and start playing games.

No need to install any application on a mobile phone.

Pubs have always been about people connecting with each other, and this has extended into the digital world. Statistics: 95% of people aged 18 to 50 owning a smartphone.
The GamePane offers The Best Bar Games for 21 Century.

  • If you've played Tapper game before, you know how addictive this game can be.
  • Suck up a lot of time that could be spent doing other things, such as socializing.
  • One of the addictive game in The GamPane offer is a game's remake, Tapper John.
  • Tapper John is playing on the bar's TV.
  • Transform bar's TV it into a game console
  • Customers control with their personal mobile device!
  • Attract millennials with on-trend party games.